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True Tyree Setosa Coral
Very nice bright orange montipora. Frags are 1/2"+ in size...
True Oregon Tort
One of the most expensive SPS Corals you can find. Only two...
ORA Red Planet Coral
1/2" Size Frag. Not actual Picture of the Frag Fast grow...
True Sunset Mystic Montipor...
Only 3 frags of this nice coral. We won't be fragging our c...
Garf Purple Bonsai
This is one hard coral to get. This is one reason why it is...
True Jedi Mind Trick Montip...
Frags Available in our WYSIWYG Frag Section
Steve Tyre Flower Petal Sma...
Mini Colony Size
ORA Green Birds Nest
We also have Large Frags in the $35 Section
Stylo Sale

Christmas Rock

18th Hole Porites
Actual Picture of Colony

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