ORA Live Stock

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Electric Indigo Dottyback
After releasing the Indigo Dottyback in 2006, we continued w...
Neon Dottyback
Neon Dottybacks are a beautiful orange color with neon blue ...
Elongate Dottyback
The Elongate Dottyback is a rarely imported species known on...
Sunrise Dottyback
Sunrise Dottybacks are another brightly colored basslet foun...
Orchid Dottyback
Orchid Dottybacks are found only in the Red Sea. They’re o...
Smiths Blenny
Also called the Disco Blenny, this member of the Fang Blenny...
Kamohara Blenny
The ORA Kamohara Blenny (Meiacanthus kamoharai) is found in ...
Transparent Cave Goby
Sometimes the best camouflage requires no color at all. The...
Black Ocellaris
The Black Ocellaris is a stunning color morph of A. ocellari...

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