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Lumina SR600

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160W / 2' fixture 32 White-16 Blue-16 royal Blue The low profile Vertex Lumina LED aquarium light is essentially one large heatsink. The LEDs are placed only in the middle strip, with the remaining anodized aluminum heatsink dominated the Lumina?s size. Note the increased height above the LEDs. We are told by someone close to the design of this light, that this area is actually hollow and creates a channel for even heat disbursement across the entire fixture. Another unique aspect of the Vertex Lumina is the PCB (or Printed Circuit Board) wiring. The wiring attached to the PCB / light engine has a unique piercing mechanism that literally pops in and pierces the soft coating of the internal wiring to allowing connectivity to the LED drivers and the onboard controller. The LEDs can just as easily be removed allowing potential upgrades, as well as changes in the color combination?we?re told that Vertex will likely offer unique color combinations including red and green LEDs that owners can swap out to highlight certain corals. The onboard controller has complete control over each color channel to allow near endless combinations of intensity and color temperature. It is also packed with cloud simulations, lunar cycles, and in the future? wireless connectivity. Vertex is working on a wireless control add-on that will come in the form of a ?USB drive?. This will allow your personal computer to wirelessly communicate with the onboard controller, with the provided Vertex Lumina Software, and watch in real time as you adjust the lights intensity and color. Think Bluetooth, but a different protocol.